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Teaching for a long time, Chico has improved his skills with every master he has so far encountered. The workshops conducted by Chico Saraiva are the product of all his experience and investigation – markedly didactic – on the multiple relations between the solo guitar and the song.

Having the Project Guitar-Song as the synthesis of his journey as a composer and arranger, Chico provides the workshop participants with the opportunity to have contact with this content in a unique manner .

Guitar in hand, Chico Saraiva leads the public into his research by revealing the most significant aspects of the contents and their points of articulation with the musical doing – a result from ample reflection. The workshop includes the exhibition of parts of the interviews carried out with masters such as João Bosco Sérgio Assad, Paulo César Pinheiro, Paulo Bellinati, Marco Pereira, Luiz Tatit, Elomar and Guinga.

The workshops may be carried out both in large groups – colleges and institutions of musical education – and in smaller groups focusing on musical improvement – the latter providing greater contact and individual interaction with participants.




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