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Ways to navigate this site

The content of Guitar-Song website is presented in different formats. In order to take full advantage of the interaction in different ways, check how to access each type of material below.

1 –  MINI-STORIES: Whenever you find the icon, click on it and a video will start. Each video is a carefully selected part of the interviews conducted for the project. The mini-stories in videos represent the largest content volume of the site.

2 – READING: The site brings transcriptions of the interviews and parts of the book “Guitar-Song”. Anyone wanting to go deeper into the subject may buy the book by sending an e-mail to .

3 – AUDITION : In the section TRACKS OF THE BOOK , you will find tracks that can be listened to as conventional media streaming. These tracks complement the book content as well as work perfectly in independent manner. In this same section you will also be able to access videos of music references mentioned by the interviewees or by Chico Saraiva in the content.

INTERACTION BETWEEN MINI-STORIES, AUDIOS AND READING: This video site was especially developed in order to generate interaction and better navigability between the contents of the “Guitar-Song” project. Thus, the end-user may watch/listen to while following the “descriptive transcriptions” of texts and scores that highlight passages of specific moments of the narration.